Riley's internship is going well so far, and even got some luck in romance! However, her workmate Maya is going insane out of jealousy, and she's trying to ruin Riley's career!

What would happen when a librarian meets the rock band lead? Love blooms! She's shy in nature, but never a damsel in distress, luckily there's a man who will be the warrior and always stand up for her! 

Being a famous Hollywood star, dating is a challenge for you and your boyfriend. All you want is to spend time and have a fun and romantic date with your beau.

Customize the perfect virtual boyfriend in this fun design game. Choose his appearance – build, hair and eye color. Style his hair and choose the best outfit to show off his perfection.

Every girl dreams of having an unforgettable magical romance, but who says that only means a cute, sweet guy to sweep you off your feet? In “Magic Love Story,” your love life isn't the only thing that's shooting sparks!

Fashion Doll is doing amazing at the beauty pageant and has made it into the finals. You are her personal stylist for the beauty content and need to make her look super pretty at your salon!

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Meet the Messy Athelets! These SUPER athelets spend most of their time playing sports, they barely have time to clean up themeselves! YIKES! These messy athletes need a CRAZY makeover! Can you help them out?!

Ever dream of being a hollywood star? Time to experience something different in this interactive love story! Play as yourself to be a hollywood rising star, find romance while following the rules for survival in film industry!

Your trip to the Beauty Mall is coming up! It’s the biggest and best mall in your city, and your trip is going to be epic. You’ll get the full fashion experience.

Welcome to Road Trip Love Story! Play the main character in this adventure story, as you and your best friend, Gigi, travel across the country in her convertible SUV 

Spring is in the air, which means high school prom is right around the corner! 
Get ready for an awesome night at prom by having a spa, makeover and shopping extravaganza! 


Your long-awaited holiday vacation is going to the be the adventure of a lifetime. You’re going on a trip around the world and enjoy plenty of mini-games along the way.


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