As a hot shot decorating diva, cute doll Mable's skills are in high demand! All the town is lining up to get her to decorate their houses, but she needs to take care of your own first. Can you help? Break out your creativity and DIY (do it yourself) to create your fantasy home. From the kitchen to the bedroom, paint and choose beautiful decorations to spice up each room and make the house of your dreams! Will you choose bright pinks and purples or soft blues and greens? Let your imagination be your guide and put your DIY decorating skills to the test!

Product Features:
Play as cute doll Mable.
Fun home makeover theme to create your fantasy house.
DIY tools to design each room into something unique!
Wide range of colors available to paint each room!
Tons of beautiful decorations to match each room.
Five rooms to decorate: bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and dress up room.

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