Whether having fun in your home in the forest or finding cool stuff outside, there are tons of things for a big kindergartener to do! With 6 levels to play through, you'll have unforgettable outdoor adventures! Care for your dog and repair objects in your treehouse then play with your animal friends outside. Learn how to use a metal detector to find cool objects and complete fun picture puzzles. Having your own treehouse has never been so awesome!

Product Features:
Easy to use controls for kids to play.
4 baby characters to choose from.
Fun games for kids as young as kindergarten.
6 levels to beat with multiple activities.
Play hide and seek with a cute squirrel!
Metal detect for cool items!
Find hidden objects in your home and outside.
Complete cool forest puzzles.
Have fun with animal friends like dogs and squirrels.
Fix items and care for your treehouse!

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