Spring is in the air, which means high school prom is right around the corner! 
Get ready for an awesome night at prom by having a spa, makeover and shopping extravaganza! Start at the spa for a relaxing facial. Cleanse, scrub and tone your skin with all natural and fresh ingredient lotions and tonics. Continue with a cucumber mask to sooth undereye circles, then moisturize with a glow enhancing serum. 

When you’re ready, it’s time to head to the salon for a total makeover. Your BFF is going to join you so you can help both of you get a fabulous look. Choose from lots of different colors to select the looks that are best for both of you! Apply eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. Add blush and bronzers. Then finish with lipstick and a swipe of shiny gloss! The two of you will look excellent! 

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